College Mascot

​As part of the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) framework, ISAH, our school mascot, has become a fun and enjoyable ​​way to teach and reinforce positive behaviour among our P-12 students.

The G​riffin is ​a mythical animal, half bird half lion, considered a symbol of freedom and a link between heaven and earth. It has been seen as a protective and powerful animal, believed to have strength, courage and pride to face adversity. It is the symbol of Padua, a city near St Francis’ home town Assisi, as well as being used by the citizens of Assisi as part of the Church decorations. Therefore, it is a figure that links well to our Franciscan values of resilience, perseverance, simplicity, dignity, compassion, fairness and joy.

ISAH is an acronym for In Simplicity And Harmony, which are values that we try to reinforce within our school community. ISAH is an active participant in school assemblies, sport events, Cool Connections, QISSN competitions, Breakfast Club and school festivals.