Caring for Creation

​Stephanie Ale​​xander Kitchen Garden School Program​

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In 2014, St Francis College became a member of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden School Program. Not only does this program provide students with invaluable knowledge and understanding of food and the integral role it plays in our physical and social wellbeing, it also “plants the seeds for a lifetime of positive eating habits and enjoyment of food”. The Program is designed to be fully integrated into the primary school curriculum. Students in the Junior Years generally take responsibility for this project. 

The garden and kitchen provide a real-life context for learning, interweaving the theories and practices behind growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh, seasonal foods.


Students learn to build and maintain a garden according to organic principles, and to grow and harvest a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Our vegetable garden is created to provide edible, aromatic and beautiful resources for the college kitchen as well as some tasty delights for our Master Chefs to prepare.  

Salads, Vietnamese rolls, fruit kebabs and pizza are just some of the dishes that the students have enjoyed.

The garden creation and care teaches students about the natural world, its wonders and beauty and how to cultivate and care for it.​