Positive Behaviour for Learning

​​​Positive Behaviour for Learning

St Francis College is committed to ensuring that we provide positive learning environments for all students. Positive Behaviour for Learning (​PB4L) helps us to create positive learning environments by developing proactive whole-school systems to define, teach and support appropriate student behaviours.

In practical ter​​ms, (PB4L) is about:

  • proactive schoolwide systems of support for defining, teaching and supporting appropriate student behaviours to create positive learning environments
  • a behaviourally-based systems approach to improving the link between research-validated practices and the environments in which teaching and learning occurs
  • creating and sustaining schoolwide, classroom and individual systems of support
  • building effective environments in which positive behaviour is more effective than problem behaviour so that academic success can be achieved.​

Positive Behaviour for Learning assists in an integrated delivery of the curriculum and pastoral care prog​rams through classroom strategies that reflects a proactive whole-school learning and teaching focus for all students and that develops effective student safety and wellbeing policies and practices.

PB4L flowchart 2017.pdfPB4L Flowchart 

SFC Safe School Statement.pdfSFC Safe School Statement

Safe Schooling Response Process.pdfSafe Schooling Response Process