Years P-6 Booklists

​​Booklist Information

Following the feedback we received from parents and caregivers this year on the system of providing resources for all our P-6 students, instead of the usual booklist. We have decided to implement it again for 2020 and these 'booklist' resources will be order by the College and distributed in the first few days at the start of Term 1.

In 2019, the cost of providing these resources was in the vicinity of $70,000-; including the time given by staff to ensure that resources were sourced, ordered, stored and distributed.  For 2020, we have reviewed expenses and will charge the small levy of $20 per Term (total of $80 per year) for each student in years prep to 6.  This levy will be charged to the Family Account. The balance outstanding for this purchase, estimated approximately at $25,000- will be funded by the College. We hope that parents and caregivers appreciate the importance of this initiative, and saving provided via 'bulk' purchasing.

We stress that parents/caregivers will also be alleviated from the burden of spending time locating and purchasing items.

Your support for this initiative will be valued, by ensuring that your account of fees and levies are paid by the due date and by advising children that these resources should be used responsibly.

T​hank you for your support of the College and the education provided, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the College Enrolments Officer or the Finance Office.​​