Book Week Fun

The highlight of Book Week this year was the Where’s Wally dress-up day.  The San Damiano Hall was transformed into a sea of red and white stripes as the children assembled there for a parade and other activities.  It really was like a page from a Where’s Wally book.  Congratulations to Indigo Brayne (winner of the poster comp), Kendra Hockey (winner of the colour-in) and Rahsheed Levinge-Doolah for correctly guessing the Book of the Year.

Bookweek 4.jpg

On Thursday we held the annual Readers’ Cup competition.  6 teams of 4 students were quizzed on the 6 novels they had been reading over the past few weeks.  Congratulations to the winners, the PCKA Legends.  Ataul-Karim Gohar, Francis Williams, Azaria Lam Sam and Kobi Ravenscroft won the competition by one question.