Community Partnership Breakfast

​​​Recently we held a Community Partnership Breakfast in the College Cafe. The purpose of this gathering was to help ‘Open Doors’ for our students. Tricia Kennedy summed up the purpose of the breakfast very well:

My staff at SFC will assure you that we are eager to be active partners; our mission is to prepare students for tomorrow. We are committed to active communication with our parents, to engaging strong partners in the city of Logan and Brisbane, and to provide forums for education and sharing ideas. We can’t do it alone. You can’t do it alone.

​What makes our College truly special is the cultural diversity that exists within our community and the Franciscan ethos that is embedded within the daily life of the school. We teach our children how to live in diversity, in dialogue, to experience multiculturalism not as a threat, but an opportunity. (Pope Francis)

It was wondferful to have the presence of Federal and State Members, in addition to representatives from Brisbane Catholic Education, Griffith University, TAFE, QATSIF, Cr​​estmead Police Station, PCYC, YFS, and various businesses. There was a strong staff presence at this breakfast which proved to be a wonderful opportunity for networking.