Powerhouse of Leaders

On Monday 25th May, the 12 House Captains of 2015 were fortunate enough to attend the annual event of Powerhouse of Leaders in New Farm for the day. Powerhouse of Leaders had a total of 38 schools present, students invited from all over the Brisbane Catholic Archdiocese. The day was inspired to let us ‘Live Louder’, and to let our dreams and ideas become actions and memories. 

We listened to an array of guest speakers including Archbishop Mark Coleridge, who taught us valuable lessons about the word of God as well as other speakers who spoke about homelessness, indigenous youth, climate change, war and love. We were encouraged by the Archbishop that if we wish to "live louder" we must first learn the art of silence: to be able stop, listen, take in our surroundings in order to be the change we want to see in the world. 

Those are the things we will take away and hold on to when we lose our purpose. Powerhouse of Leaders taught us to follow in the footsteps of the Lord, be gracious, merciful and dream big, to live louder and bolder. We thank our teachers for the opportunity in letting us do so: to inspire us to become better leaders and fulfill all that we are capable of. We hope that from this experience we can build a better Franciscan community, share our dreams, and ignite all in God’s love.

Sarah Baaker (Year 12 Student)