Seeking Green Thumbs and Book Enthusiasts!

Every year in Term 4, the College holds its St Francis Festival. This is a day of fun activities as well as a celebration of the many gifts and talents within our College community.

This year’s festival will be held on Friday, 23rd October - Week 3 of our final term!

Although this event seems SO FAR AWAY, we are seeking your support with two new stalls: a Plant Stall and a Book Stall.

Both of these stalls attract a high level of community interest and engagement. In addition to this, the profits from these stalls can help to offset other activities that we can offer the community on the day.

Best of all, what we can’t sell we can plant or give away!




Book Stall  

Mrs Margaret Jacques has kindly accepted the invitation to convene this stall with the aid of some friends. Her
team will sort and price books in a way that is so inviting that there will be nothing left in stock at the end of the day!

Now is the time to start collecting books or magazines that you no longer need.  Invite your family and friends to assist too. For now, please keep these items at home and we will ask you to bring in your supplies to school towards the end of Term 3.

I am sure Margaret will seek support next term. Maybe you could assist by collecting books from someone’s home? Please be ready to answer the call!

Plant Stall   Plant.png

This stall will be coordinated by some of our students. The idea is “just a seed” at the moment (pardon the pun) but, if you have a green thumb, please consider planting some seedlings now. What a great activity to do as a family!

If you have any ideas to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact Karen McIntosh (Communications, Events and Facilities Manager).