Year 12 Camp at Alexandra Headlands

yr12_camp1.jpgYear 12 Camp was an amazing experience! From the moment we got there it was full of enjoyment and fun. There were so many things we were able to do. Some activities included mountain bike riding and rock climbing. One of the best activities was the affirmation session where we got to share with our PC each trait that we loved about each other. It was such an emotional and enjoyable journey that I would repeat in a heartbeat. So much leadership came through. I cannot wait for the entire college to witness what the Year 12's of 2015 have in store.Leah Aoese (Year 12 student)

The Year 12's recently attended a leadership camp at Alexandra Headlands for 3 days. We participated in four different activities which were based upon team building and seeing each other’s leadership qualities. Camp was a great start for all Year 12's as we all reflected and reunited as one big family. Overall camp was a great experience. Two quotes that were shared at camp stood out to me the most:

"With or without a badge, the whole year 12 cohort are leaders”.

“Don’t walk in front of me I'm not a follower, don’t walk behind me I'm not your leader, walk beside me, I'm your friend." Landora Williams (Year 12 student)