Sports Academy Food for Fuel Program

​​Our staff ​are amazing!

Mrs Renita Davren, our P-12 Sports Leader, has developed a fantastic new initiative for our Years 4-12 Sports Academy students, the Academy Food for Fuel Program.
Mrs Davren, having trained as a swimmer, understands that nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. Our bodies need the right kind of fuel in order to be able to perform to the best of our ability.
She, and a number of our amazingly dedicated staff members, gathered together this week to make nutritious, healthy and tasty meals that our Sports Academy students can purchase. In just one afternoon they made 250 serves of food, what an achievement!
Students can pay $20 per week and collect a hot meal each day for lunch. This will help ensure that they are fuelling their body with enough nutrients to meet the demands of a normal school day and training commitments.
Weekly Tickets can be purchased via the Qkr! App and the meals can be collected from the Sport Office the day after purchasing.
We would like to thank all those involved for giving their time to help get this program off the ground.​