School Reporting

​​​Annu​al Reports​  

The College An​nual Reports are published for the previous year. These reports cover the mandatory areas of reporting for compliance.  ​​

St Francis College 2017 Annual School Reporting (for 2016 School Year)

St Francis College 2018 Annual School Reporting (for 2017 School Year)​

Next Step Su​​rvey

The Next Step Survey on the destinations of Year 12 graduates is published each year by the Queensland Government. A summary of ​this report is provided below.

St Francis College Next Step 2017

St Francis College Next Step 2017 Summary

Religious Education Val​idation

In December 2014, our sch​​ool's Religious Education Program was validated as a result of a peer validation process involving Brisbane Catholic Education Office staff and colleagues from other schools. 

This process is d​​esigned to ensure that each school has a documented, high quality Religious Education Program. Confirmation of validation was received from the Executive Director, Brisbane Catholic Education. 

View ​our validation certificate

We will continue to monitor and r​eview our school’s Religious Education Program, including addressing the recommendations from the validation process.​