School Reporting

​​​Annu​al Reports​  

The College An​nual Reports are published for the previous year. These reports cover the mandatory areas of reporting for compliance.  

St Francis College 2015 Annual School Reporting (for 2014 School Year)​

St Francis College 2016 Annual School Reporting (for 2015 School Year)

St Francis College 2017 Annual School Reporting (for 2016 School Year)

St Francis College 2018 Annual School Reporting (for 2017 School Year)​

Next Step Su​​rvey

The Next Step Survey on the destinations of Year 12 graduates is published each year by the Queensland Government. A summary of ​this report is provided below.

St Francis College Next Step 2017

St Francis College Next Step 2017 Summary

Religious Education Val​idation

In December 2014, our sch​​ool's Religious Education Program was validated as a result of a peer validation process involving Brisbane Catholic Education Office staff and colleagues from other schools. 

This process is d​​esigned to ensure that each school has a documented, high quality Religious Education Program. Confirmation of validation was received from the Executive Director, Brisbane Catholic Education. 

View ​our validation certificate

We will continue to monitor and r​eview our school’s Religious Education Program, including addressing the recommendations from the validation process.​