Strategic Directions

​​The College's Strategic Goals evolve to adapt to the ever changing world and to make best use of the facilities and opportunities​​ for students, staff and the wider community.

Our current Strategic Renewal Plan, which spans 2013-2017, closely reflects Brisbane Catholic Education's and Brisbane ​Catholic Education's Strategic Plan (2017-2020)​ that provides priorities and strategic intents that offer focus and direction in planning and action.

The four priorities that have been identified by Brisb​ane Catholic Education serve to provide high quality teaching and learning outcomes for students and encourage innovative practices across the priorities.

At St Francis College, our Strategic Renewal Plan is placed on our website in Term 1 each year. This document contains our goals​​ for 2013-2017 and the actons that have been identified to address these goals during the current school year. Towards the end of Term 4, our achievements for the year are provided.

At St Francis College, we have taken into consideration Brisbane Catholic Education's four priorities when setting goals for the future:​

  1. Mission and Rel​igious Education
  2. Learning and Teaching
  3. Professional Practice and Collaborative Relationships
  4. Strategic Resourcing​​

SFC 2015 Strategic Renewal Plan.pdfSFC 2017 Strategic Renewal Plan

SFC 2016 Strategic Renewal Actions.pdfSFC 2017 Strategic Renewal Actions

SFC 2016 Strategic Renewal Achievements .pdfSFC 2017 Strategic Renewal Achievements

Strategic Planning 2017-2020.pdfStrategic Planning 2017 - 2020