Friends of St Francis

IMG_9233.JPG​​​Students come first at St Francis College. Our staff is committed to providing a high quality educ​ation and care deeply about students' wellbeing. We recognise the very important role that parents play in the lives of our precious children and value parent engagement in the life of the school.

In 2014 the College and the Parents and Friends Association reviewed our Parents and Friends’ model. We recognised​ the need to create a new structure with the intent of increasing the level of parent involvement in the school.  The purpose of this Community Family Engagement Model is to:

  • Encourage positive relationships betweenfamilies and the College
  • Enhance how we connect with one another
  • Promote the shared responsibility for learning, recognising that learning occurs beyond the school gates
  • Raiseawareness of opportunities andresources in the school and localcommunity.

The St Francis motto i​s ‘Simplicity and Harmony’. We believe that this new approach is simple in structure and encourages harmonious relationships within our school community.


Volunteering at S​t Francis College

Have you considered volunteering at the College this year? This provides an opportun​​ity to reduce your Friends of St Francis Levy.

There are many area​s of the College that benefit greatly from the support of volunteers. Such volunteer work may include, but is not restricted to:

  • Tuckshop

  • Coaching sporting teams

  • Supervising College events (e.g., discos, movie nights)

  • Setting up and packing up for events such as St Francis Festival and Graduation Nights

  • Friends of St Francis Working Bee.​

The Friends of St Francis Levy will be $120 per student in 2020 (5 hours volunteer work at the College). If families/caregivers have 4 or more children, the maximum volunteer hours expected is 20. The Friends of St Francis Levy would be waived after 20 hours;

Please contact the College Office if you have any queries.​

Friends of St Francis Contribution Policy