​​The College e-Newsletter is an important form of communication between the school and home. It serves to:

  • Report on the progress made in achieving the strategic goals of the College
  • Reinforce expectations such as behaviour, uniform, academic rigor and resilience
  • Promote the mission, ethos and values of the College
  • Act as a reference point for events and activities within the school
  • Celebrate achievements of the College and its members.

Schoolzine is our current e-Newsletter provider. It offers many practical and enticing features. For instance:​

  • A calendar that is regularly updated and can be synced with most phones and computers
  • An area where commonly requested forms and documents are easily accessible
  • Impressive picture galleries showcasing school events. 

Schoolzine e-Newsletters are very easy to navigate and designed to be read on a range of devices.  You can choose which links you wish to open. 

Friends, family and community members are welcome to subscribe to our fortnightly e-Newsletter. 

St Francis College eNewsletter Archive