Tuckshop (La Cucina)

The Tuckshop caters for all students and is open Monday to Friday at both first and second break. 

Students in Years P-6 must order their meals using the online App Qkr!

How to order using Qkr! 

Qkr! Logo.png 

  • Download Qkr! On your Android Phone or iPhone. iPad users can download the iPhone app
  • Register
  • Find our School - Search for St Francis College, Crestmead
  • Register your children by creating a profile for them.

Orders must be placed before 8.30am on the day the order is required.

Below is the how to guide with more detailed instructions:​


The current tuckshop price list is available for download below:​

Tuckshop Price List

Parents and Caregiv ers are also invited to volunteer their time to help in thTuckshop.  Please emai Briony Davis atBriony.Davis@bne.catholic.edu.au​ ​with any expressions of interest.

Any assistance that you give will go a long way towards ensuring prices stay down.

Briony Davis (Chef)​