La Cucina (Tuckshop)

​The Tuckshop ​caters for all students and is open Monday to Friday at both first and second breaks. 

Students in the Early and Junior Years must order their meals through their classroom teacher.

As we look towards 2018 and beyond, the time has come to update our Tuckshop menu. Our main objective is to provide some healthier options whilst not compromising on taste.

In doing this, some prices have risen up to the current market levels. I trust that you will see the benefit in providing your children with nutritious food, cooked from their base ingredients, where possible.

I would also like to​ invite all parents / carers who wish to volunteer their time to email me at: Any assistance that you give will go a long way towards ensuring prices stay down.

Sam Webb (Chef)

The current tuckshop menu and pricelist is available for download below as a pdf document:

P-6 Tuckshop Menu July 2018.pdf

7-12 Tuckshop Menu July 2018.pdf