Cultural Life

Celebration of the Arts

Our Celebration of the Arts takes place once a year in Term 4.

At the event we focus on our young people and the wonderful contribution they make to our College artistically. It is our chance to show our families and the wider community their creativity.  The concert, featuring Music, Drama, Dance and other acts is held in the Hall, P-12 Art work is displayed in the Community Hub and a wonderfully tasty BBQ is available!

At St Francis we are proud of what our students achieve artistically.  The areas represented have an additional​ positive effect across all other subjects and enhance the students' lives outside of the College, celebrating this is the focal point of the afternoon!​​

Cultur​al D​an​​cing 

A range of nationalities are represented at St Francis College. Many of these students show incredible talent in the area of dance. Opportuniites to hone their s​kills are provided by staff. Children have the opportunity to perform within the College and at ex​​ternal events, such as Catholic Education Week celebrations.

3 Dancers.jpg


Wakakirri is Australia’s largest Story Dance Festival, involving over 20,000 students across every State and Territory each year.  As a College our P-6 students take part in this event every 2 years.

A Wakakirri Story Dance is a 3-7 minute performance by a group of students that theatrically tells a story using a combination of dancing, acting and creative movement to pre-recorded music. Schools can tell any story and use any combination of dance, creative movement, acting, music, props, costumes, sets, and in some cases; film, projections and singing. The possibilities are endless!  Schools are also able to incorporate the annual signature item into their story for an extra challenge and every school’s story is filmed for Wakakirri TV as part of the search for ‘Story of the Year’.​

Performing in Wakakirri is an experience students never forget. 


Our 7-12 St Francis College students are given the opportunity to enter this every year. Polyfest Australia is a unique community festival embracing the mantra “It takes a village to raise a child”.  They believe everyone has a role to play in ensuring young people in disadvantaged communities have the chance to thrive and have a positive significant impact within their families, community and society. ​

Polyfest Australia is the largest high school cultural event in the country and the only high school brand that culminates into a National Championship held biennially in Sydney 2019 and feeds into a World Championship in Hawai’i in 2020.

Polyfest is a movement in Australia and it’s the largest cultural competition of its kind for high school groups across the country. The movement raises awareness of our cultures, traditions and the rich multicultural communities in Australia with education, dance, song and costume.​