​​​​​​​Over the past decade, St Francis College has enjoyed a multi-million dollar upgrade of facilities. 

Additions such as the state-of-the-art Language Learning Centre, Assembly and Performance Hall, Hospitality and Horticulture Trade Training Centres ensure that the school remains at the cutting edge of modern education. The development of additional classroom areas and the refurbishment of existing buildings, forms part of our College​​ Master Plan. Upgrades occur on a regular basis as we strive to enhance the look and feel of our P-12 campus.

One of the most a​ppealing features of our campus is the beautiful grounds, where many Australian natives can be found, attracting a range of birdlife. This certainly complements the Franciscan ethos that we follow.

The map provided be​low is interactive. When hovering your mouse over it you can see building photos, names and brief descriptions. ​We have a wonderful story to share at St Francis College.​

Buildings, Covered Areas and Ovals

St Francis Crestmead Map