Middle Years (7-9)

​​The Middle Years Phase of ​​Learning aims to provide an environment that supports and challenges the students' learning and development within an atmosphere of respect, inclusivity, belonging and high expectations.

The Middle Yea​​rs curriculum at St Francis College aligns with the demands of the Australian Curriculum. Students are supported in their access to the curriculum and in its delivery in a number of ways, including use of data to inform teachers of students’ needs. Consideration of the physical environment through the use of furniture specifically designed to promote and support the physical needs of young adolescents in this Phase of Learning is also reflected in our Library precinct rooms.

Teachers work collabor​​atively to plan and implement learning experiences that are relevant, purposeful and challenging. Through a variety of learning strategies, students are encouraged and supported to actively engage with their learning. Both students and teachers work together towards achievement and success using a Growth Mindset framework.

2017 Middle Years Handbook.pdf2017 Middle Years Handbook

2018 Year 9-10 Subject Handbook.pdf2018 Year 9-10 Subject​​ Handbook

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