Religious Life of the School

​​​​​​​​​​The Religious Life of the School P-12 is focused on the second dimension of Religious Education, commonly referred to as “teaching people to be religious in a particular way” (Moran, 1991). The Religious Life of the School P-12 provides a lens through which a school may audit and further develop its religious life.

Religious Education Endorsement Certificate​​​

Structure of the Religious​​ ​​Life of ​the School P-12

The Religious Life of the School P-12 comprises four interrelated components: 

Each of these components, while mutually re​inforcing, provides a significant focus on a distinctive aspect of the religious life of the school. As illustrated below, each component is further sub-divided into three elements.



Religious ​Identity & Cultur​e​

Ethos and c​​harism

Authe​ntic Christian community

Sen​​se of the Sacred​​

Evangelisation & Faith Formation​

​Living​ the Gospel

Spiritual F​​ormation

Witness t​o the wider community

Prayer​ & Worship​

Christ​​ian prayer

Celebrat​ion of liturgy and sacraments

Ritualis​ing everyday life

Social​ Action & Justice​​

​​Justice in​​ the school community

Action ​for justice

Reflection on action for Justice​