Student Formation

​​​​​​Year 6 ​C​​amp

Year 6 students attend camp each year. The camp program aims to promote and develop social skills, self-esteem, initiative, teamwork, leadership skills and responsibility. It is an opportunity for students to be challenged beyond their comfort zones, to learn fear control and environmental conservation. It also provides an opportunity for building relationships between students and teachers in a relaxed and informal environment. 

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​​Year 9 ​​​​​​Camp

Year 9 students attend​​ a camp that is held over 2 days at the beginning of Term 3.  The focus is on leadership, team building and self-esteem development.

Year 11 C​​amp

The Year 11 camp is held over 2 days at the beginning of Term ​3. It is designed to prepare students for the election of leaders for the following year.​

Ye​​ar 12 R​et​​reat

The Year 12 re​​tre​at is held at the end of Term 2  each year for three days. 

The retreat is d​​esi​gned to:

  • build a sense of cooperation​ and cohesion among Pastoral Group members, Family Group members and senior students;
  • foster a greater sense of responsibility amongst senior students as active leaders within the St Francis community;
  • develop an understanding of what it means to be a leader in the Christian-Franciscan tradition; and
  • develop greater ownership and involvement in the life of the college within each student. 

The programme ​also aims to enable students to:

  • discover and learn about themselves and others;
  • learn to live and serve in a community;
  • recognise how actions and decisions about their own needs rather than others’ needs impact on the community;
  • learn, recognise and value different leadership styles;
  • recognise behaviours that build up or take away from the community; and
  • demonstrate leadership qualities in working with others. 

At St Francis College, we encourage a variety of leadership styles including:

  • The thinker generates the vision.…the planner, the ideas person.
  • The communicator, explaining the vision.…the public speaker.
  • The facilitator puts the vision into practice.…the worker, the doer.
  • The artist, making the vision real…the creator, the artist, the writer, the builder.
  • The conciliator…maintaining the vision…the people person, the smiler, the encourager.​​​