Tuckshop (La Cucina)

​​​​​The Tuckshop caters for all students P-12 and is open Monday to Friday at both first and second breaks. Students in the Early and Junior phases of learning (P-6) must order their meals online through the 'Qkr!' app. ​​

EFTPOS facilities are available at the College Tuckshop for students in Years 7-12. These students may also preorder using the 'Qkr!' ​app

How to order using Qkr! ​

Download Qkr! onto your Android Phone or iPhone. 

  • Register
  • Find our School - Search for St Francis College, Crestmead
  • Register your children by creating a profile for them.

Orders must be placed before 8.15am on the day the order is required.

Below is the how to guide with more detailed instructions:​