Assessment and Reporting

​​​At St Francis College, assessment is seen as an integral part of the teaching and learning process. It is the purposeful, system​​atic and ongoing collection of information about student learning. The major purposes of assessment are to:

  • p​romote, assist and improve learning
  • inform programs of teaching and learning

The purpose of reporting differs for different phases of schooling:

  • Reporting in the early years (P-2) describes students' learning and development against a continuum.
  • Reporting in the junior and middle (Years 3-9) years describes individual student progress against the curriculum intent for all students in the schooling process
  • Reporting in senior years (Years 10-12) reflects a merit and/or competency based approach and forms the basis of certification data for inclusion on the Queensland Certificate of Education and rank for tertiary entrance procedures.

The following reporting formats are provided for parents and students during the year:

  • Term 1 - Progress report for Years 7-12
  • Term 1 - Years ​P-6  Student/Parent/Teacher Learning Conversations
  • Term 2 - Years 7-12  Student/Parent/Teacher Learning Conversations
  • End Semester 1 - Written Reports P-12
  • End Semester 2 -​ Written Reports P-12