Reflection Days

​​​​A Refl​ection Day is held each year for Years 7 – 12.

This is a day when normal classes are suspended to enable students to participate. The College recognises that th​is is an important time for students to step back from their normal school routine and reflect on themselves, other people around them, and where God may fit into this picture.

​Some reflection days are conducted by the National Evangelisation Team Ministries, a group of young people from various parts of Australia and the world who travel around the country running Retreats and Reflection days for students and parish groups. They are an enthusiastic, lively and creative group of people who fully involve our students during these practical and popular days.

​The Project Hatch Team works in Catholic schools and with church youth groups from Rockhampton to Tasmania running days full of live music, activities, discussions, spirituality and personal reflection.

​​Senior Year students usually work with Michael Fitzpatrick. Michael is well regarded within the Catholic schools in South East Queensland for providing thought provoking days with real world insight and activities.

​​​For Year 12s, the Reflection day is held in the final week of school, two days before graduation. It provides students with the opportunity to assess their future as well as reflect upon their 13 years at school. This day happens amidst a very special transition in the student’s life and has become an integral part of their St Francis College educational experience, once again helping them to prepare for life beyond the College.