Leadership and Achievements

​​​​​​Student Leade​​rs 

Promoting​​ and developing student leadership is vital for the healthy life of our P-12 College.​​​

The aims of this​ programme are to:

  • Develop a strong understanding of the values of Franciscan leadership
  • Promote a positive and rewarding atmosphere by student led events outside the classroom structure of the College
  • Develop strong leadership qualities among our students so they can take the gift of Franciscan citizenship to the world.

The structure of our leadership system is built into our Family Group system and our Cool Connections​ programme. Leaders are elected for each Family Group and a student council representative is elected from each pastoral class.

Elected leade​rs need to demonstrate the following qualities:

  • A commitment to academic school studies
  • A commitment to the philosophy and ethos of the College
  • A commitment to the College rules and Code of Behaviour
  • A commitment to going the extra mile to promote positive student life in the College community
  • A commitment to a leadership that is service to others without need for reward.​

Congratulations to our Family Group Leaders​ for 2023​

​Team​​ Family Group Le​ader
Vice Family Group Leader
JagunJasmine FaraimoAnita Ouch
KurrawaVisal DaDylan Sorenson
WimulliBrandon Standing
Tiana Darby-luli
YarrayDanika Buglio
Teao (TJ) Iako

​Awards Cr​​iteria

At the end of each se​mester, Pastoral Care teachers nominate students in each PC group for the following awards based on their report. An assembly is held in the following term to acknowledge the recipients of these awards.

Criteria for A​ca​​demic Awards

  1. Years 8-10: Ac​hieved at least 3 As and nothing less than a B in all subjects
  2. Years 11-12: Achieved at least 2As and nothing less than a B in all subjects
  3. VET subjects: Achieved all competencies in the semester being reported on.

​​Criteria for Scholastic Application Awards

  1. All teacher comments read positively
  2. EFFORT = C consistently (sometimes S) as long as comments are positive.

Subject Top Achiever Award​

One student is nominated by their subject teacher to receive this award in each subject area each semester.

​​​Year 12 Graduation Awards

At the end of Year 12, stude​​nts who have met the appropriate criteria are nominated for the following awards. These awards are presented on Graduation night. 


​Principal's Award for 

Excellence in Learning

​+  Consistently excellent effort

+  Growth mindset

+  Excellent achievement

Workplace Learning


​+  Senior studies and work commitments well balanced

+  Excellent employer reports

+  Consistent and conscientious application

+  Apprenticeship qualifications completed or continuing into the next year

Rankin Award

+  Student who has overcome personal odds in order to achieve a passing grade in     school and hopes to continue her education after completing school    ​​

Extended Learning 


​+  Pursues additional learning while at school at University, TAFE or other RTO’s.       (e.g., AMEB, Trinity)

+  Demonstrates excellent effort in all areas

Griffith Connect Guaranteed
Admission Scheme

Australian Defence Force – Long Tan Leadership Award

​+  Encourages and recognises the value of mateship, tenacity, teamwork and           leadership​​

St Clare Award

for Religious Endeavour  

​+  Major contribution to the faith life of the College

+  Educational endeavour in the study of Religious Education​

The Griffin Awards (3)

​+  Lived the Vision of Learning in co-curricular sphere of the school

+  Have valued others

+  Have built relationships

+  Have empowered learning​.

Prep – Year 12 Acknowledgement 

​ +  Attended the College from Prep to Year 12

St Francis College – Distinguished Service Award

​+  Consistent demonstration of the Franciscan values of: simplicity, harmony,          compassion, resilience, perseverance, hope, reconciliation, service, stewardship,    prayer and reflection

Valedictorians  (2)

​+  Persuasive speech that best captures the spirit of Y​​ear 12 that year​.