Junior Years (3-6)

​​The Junior Years at St Francis College serve children aged 8-12, encompassing Years 3 to 6.

With gentle courtesy and profound simplicity, Francis embraced every living thing as a reflection of his Creator.

In alignment with the values of St Francis, the Junior Years promote the following principles:

  • Identifying and accommodating the emotional, social, cultural, spiritual, behavioural, and educational needs of each child.
  • Recognising that children enter our school at different stages of development.
  • Encouraging increased levels of responsibility and independence within each child.
  • Providing a safe, welcoming, and inspiring environment that challenges students to reach their full potential.​
  • Enhancing the use and understanding of technology by incorporating interactive whiteboards and class notebooks into diverse learning tasks.
  • Instilling and upholding the Franciscan values of stewardship, harmony, peace, and community.

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