Prep Information

About Prep

We are committed to providing a special place for your child in Prep. ​

Our school offers:

  • a structured activity-based curriculum designed to promote social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

  • specialised facilities and equipment allowing children to engage in experiential learning, fostering creativity, imagination, and exploration.

  • qualified, dedicated teachers and committed support staff,

  • faith and spiritual development through simple prayers, stories from the Bible, and participation in regular Mass or liturgies.

  • committed close partnerships with our parents and caregivers with Prep teachers building on these partnerships and involving families in a variety of ways in the Prep classroom.

  • a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for our young children. 

  • emphasis on inclusivity, welcoming children from diverse backgrounds and faiths, and promoting understanding and respect for different cultures and beliefs.

When can my child go to Prep?

Prep is the first year of school and provides the foundation for your child's education. It is compulsory for Queensland children to undertake Prep prior to Year 1. Prep is a full-time program in primary schools and has a defined curriculum. To be eligible to enrol in Prep, your child must turn 5 by 30 June in the year of attendance in Prep.

How will my child benefit from Prep at St Francis?

National and international research highlights the importance of quality full-time early education and smooth transitions to formal schooling to aid children’s long-term educational outcomes. We offer a supportive, nurturing, and stimulating environment to maximise the advantages of early childhood education for our students’ overall development.

There are multiple benefits to enrolling in our quality Prep education program:

  • Academic Readiness: Students learn basic concepts, develop pre-reading and pre-writing skills, and get exposed to various educational activities that set the stage for future academic success.

  • Social Skills: Students learn important social skills like sharing, cooperation, communication, and conflict resolution. These skills are crucial for building positive relationships and navigating social situations.

  • Independence: Students are encouraged to take on age-appropriate responsibilities and tasks. This fosters independence and a sense of accomplishment in young learners.

  • Cultural Awareness: Our diverse and inclusive Prep education setting exposes our students to different cultures and traditions, promoting tolerance and acceptance from an early age.

What will my child learn about Religious Education?

The Religious Education Guidelines for the Early Years support teaching and learning of religious education in the Preparatory Year and align with the aim of Religious Education in the Brisbane Archdiocese.

“All young Catholics, throughout their school years, are provided with opportunities for religious education suited to their age, background and the changing world in which they live.”

(Policy Statement Religious Education of school-Aged Catholics- Archdiocese of Brisbane Catholic Education Council August 2005)

What will they wear?

Your child will wear the formal day uniform except for once a week on their sports day where they will wear the sports uniform.  You will be able to discuss this with the Head of Campus P-6 during the Prep enrolment interview.

How do I enrol my child in Prep?

To enrol in Prep please follow the same process for all enrolments. ​

CLICK HERE to complete the Online Enrolment Application Form​ or contact Mrs Nicole Carter, College Registrar:​