St Francis College has recently enjoyed a multi-million dollar upgrade of facilities, not only improving the look and feel of the campus, but drastically improving the learning environment and functionality of the school.

Additions such as the state-of-the-art Language Learning Centre, Assembly and Performance Hall, Hospitality and Horticulture Trade Training Centres ensure that the school remains at the cutting edge of modern education.

These upgrades continue with additional administrative and community developments progressing over the coming years.

New Facilities include:

  • Language Learning Centre (see link to the right)
  • Assembly and Performance Hall  – Multipurpose Centre
  • Hospitality Trade Training Centre
  • Horticulture Trade Training Centre
  • P-7 classroom upgrades
  • Installation of Interactive data projectors 8-12 classrooms
  • Installation of Interactive LCD screens in P-6 classrooms

Other Facilities:

  • Covered Sports Facility
  • Sports Fields