Franciscan Spirituality

​​Francis of Assisi (1182-​1226) did more than anyone else to restore the image of the Jesus of the Gospels to the consciousness of the medieval Church. He did so by reflecting on the life and character of Jesus in his own life.  As a result, he has become a bastion for Christians throughout history to the present day.

Francis' aim was to emulate Jesus in every respect. He took the daily example and teaching of Jesus in the Gospels very seriously and used them as a model for his own life. As his biographer Bonaventura put it, "His only desire was to be like Christ and to imitate him perfectly". In particular, Francis respected the poverty, humility and compassion of Christ. Consequently, he recognised his own sins and failures and worked tirelessly to better himself in admiration of the saviour.

The College mission statement captures Francis’ teachings to be responsible models for justice and the Franciscan spirit of poverty and, ​​in so doing, enacts the values of the dignity of every person. Our College behaviour code is built on the core value of respect for all: ourselves, others and the environment.

"File: St Francis of Assisi, by Małgorzata Wrochna.jpg" by Małgorzata Wrochna is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.