Mission Statement

​​​We, the commu​​nity of St Francis College, Crestmead shall reflect in every aspect of our lives the values, beliefs and traditions of our Catholic faith.

We will strive for inner peace and freedom from fear through prayer and reflection. We will nurture a climate which encourages wholene​​ss, esteem, hope, care, compassion and understanding. We will accept each other as individuals with unique talents and gifts. We endeavour at all times to be responsible models for justice and the Franciscan spirit of poverty.

Parents and teachers will work together to foster in our students a desire to learn and encourage the development of basic skills necessary to ac​hieve their full potential in an ever-changing world. Students will be encouraged to make decisions and commitments which will help them grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially.

We believe that ​​​​God has given us the responsibility of stewardship over Creation. It is the work of students, staff and parents to contribute to the protection and promotion of natural and human welfare in order to advance the creative activity of God.

With St Francis and S​​​​t Clare, in simplicity and harmony we will "follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and walk in His Footsteps".

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